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The MRV Institute believes that society moves towards a better future with education. Focusing on education through sports, culture and the environment, we contribute to the sustainable development of the Brazilian society.

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MRV Institute hands classroom supplies over to MRV employees' children

Parents know well the weigh their children’s classroom supply lists have in their budget. It is estimated that classroom supplies will increase by 10% in 2017, according to ABFIAE – the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and Importers of School Supplies. But MRV Engenharia’s collaborators will spend less in their back-to-school spending this year. 

When basketball goes beyond sport

A partnership held by MRV Institute and the Federação Mineira de Basquete (Minas Gerais’ Basketball Federation) goes over the limits of basketball. Click and check. 

Learn about the results of the 1st MRV Institute Public Call for Project Proposals

The 1st MRV Institute Public Call for Project Proposals, held in Belo Horizonte in the Inimá de Paula Museum in Belo Horizonte, presented the four projects elected by popular votes, which were awarded a sponsorship from MRV Institute. 

When restoring and hosting are side by side for transformation

On 22 September, the "Castelinho" Forest became officially home to boys and girls of the Center Pop Miguilim, traditional social program to host young people on the streets.
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