MRV Institute

Access to education, culture and sports activities can be seen as the basis for building a solid home. So, when designing a house we must ensure that all materials are used in the best way. And this is the role of MRV Institute, founded in 2014 by the largest construction company in Latin America: to promote the personal development of children and adolescents who live in communities facing social vulnerability.


MRV Institute was created to reaffirm MRV Engenharia’s commitment to advancing solidarity and sustainability all across our country. The Institute provided for the expansion of important projects which had been given support by the group, while also for the opening of new opportunities to be offered to citizens. We work in association with companies, entities and public bodies to enhance quality of life and provide access to opportunities of social growth.

For two years now, we have conceived and run Educational projects focused on culture, sports and the environment all across Brazil. Ever since the Institute was established our endeavor has benefited, both directly and indirectly, more than 78,000 people.
Our greatest pride is the smile we can see on each face, the happiness of children and youngsters, the hope built in adults and the satisfaction of all those involved in our projects. MRV Institute is another large MRV “project” that, above all, enhances social progress and quality of life among Brazilians.
Transformation of lives through education. This is what we build. 

Mission, Vision and Values



To foster social transformation in our country through education – a nation’s main basis for development - preparing citizens for life and the formation of future makers.



To realize positive and lasting transformations in society, contributing to the well-being of communities where we operate.



  • Commitment: MRV Institute is committed to well-being in all communities where we operate, and is actively engaged in guaranteeing an improved quality of life for all.
  • Sustainability: all MRV Institute initiatives aim at fostering sustainable development by studiously analyzing social and environmental impacts of its activities.
  • Partnership: we believe in achieving more when uniting forces to strengthen people and organizations to accomplish common objectives..
  • Respect: we work with and for people, respecting differences and wishes.
  • Volunteers: MRV leads a faithful and solidarity-oriented team eager to care for future makers.