nov 2016

Learn about the results of the 1st MRV Institute Public Call for Project Proposals

In an afternoon of positive results for society presented in the educational field, focusing on the environment, sports and culture, the 1st MRV Institute Public Call for Project Proposals was concluded at the Inimá de Paula Museum in Belo Horizonte. The event featured the four projects elected by popular votes that were awarded an MRV Institute sponsorship. Each of them were given R$50,000 in funds to carry out their projects, and develop and contribute even further to our community.
The 1st MRV Institute Public Call for Project Proposals was held between March 28th and April 15th, inviting non-profit institutions and individuals to present transforming social projects. The projects went through a selection process and the four winning projects were chosen out of 345 applicant proposals. “Now, we can indeed see how the MRV Institute contributes to the communities where its projects are carried out. The Public Call has made good ideas successful and empowered the institutions’ activities. All the results achieved have furnished us even greater motivation to go on with what we believe in. These transforming social projects have provided youngsters with new chances to dream on, effectively contributing to a countrywide social transformation through education – the main foundation of national development, preparing citizens for life and forming future builders”, noted Rafael Lafetá, MRV Institute director.  
The projects
The “Viver Basquete” (Living Basketball) Project in the city of Nova Lima, invested all the funds in teaching sports to children and youth, offering them a healthy alternative to combat violence and providing participants with new prospects in life. Among the activities carried out by the project are the Basketball Festival, the excursion to the Mangabeiras Park, sports training activities and pedagogical monitoring. The activities directly impacted 75 children and youths. 
The “Aprendizagem Criativa” (Creative Learning) Project held workshops that approached sciences and arts through the development of workgroup activities held in libraries, museums and parks in the city of São Paulo. The project leaders point out that after the project’s initiatives were undertaken, impacted educators were able to see other spaces as an extension of a school classroom, and that creative learning may be an empowering means of expression. 14 workshops were held in three different schools, with effects on 5,010 students.
The “Oportunidades para Brilhar” (Opportunitys to Shine) Project held in Nova Contagem in the Metropolitan Area of Belo Horizonte intends to contribute to the protection of the Rights of Children and Youths exposed to social vulnerability, carrying out sports activities held after school hours. The projects effectively impacted 1,067 people involved in tae-kwon-do, futsal and basketball activities. 
The “Coração da Terra” (Heart of the Earth) Project, situated in Belo Horizonte, worked with environmental education holding workshops on environmental awareness, on techniques for the use of soil as a pigment for development and a composting workshop. The project was able to effectively impact 120 people, among children, teenagers and adults.


Fonte: Instituto MRV