ago 2016

MRV Institute provides for the sustainable management of a grand project

In seeking to promote more and more sustainability among communities, MRV Institute has signed, one more time, a transforming partnership agreement: along the next 10 months, a sustainable management consulting project will be implemented in the Querubins Association.
The consulting workshops will be held monthly with SERVAS – the Social Assistance Voluntary Service – with the adoption of social coaching methodology, and focusing on the autonomy and mobilization of leaderships in regard to organizational issues and on the promotion of sustainable management in the association.
According to the MRV Institute’s director, Raphael Lafetá, this partnership will “enable the self-development of all partner institutions, building up their capacity to grow and be sustainable”. The consulting project will identify the main challenges faced by the association’s management team and working with their leaders it will establish strategies that prioritize the project’s tenacity. 
According to MRV Institute’s analyst, Blenda Alves, the benefits endowed by this project are boundless since this initiative enables the Querubins Association to move on independently, not entirely depending on any type of partnerships.
With the new Music Studio constructed and installed with MRV’s support and with its new industrial kitchen, the association is now set to new businesses. With the training, the Querubins Association will be able to draft new action plans that will increase their number of possibilities for fund mobilization.

Fonte: Comunicação Interna MRV