dez 2016

When basketball goes beyond sport

MRV Institute, jointly with the Educa Esporte (Educating Sport) Project, made an on-the-spot decision when agreed to take part in the partnership held by the Querubins Association and the Minas Gerais Basketball Federation.  After all, supporting educational activities that use sports to transform the life of children is one of MRV Institute’s main guidelines.
For ten months in 2016, children and adolescents from Vila Acaba Mundo being cared for by Querubins enjoyed basketball as an ally in their lives as they were able to work out new corporal practices, invigorating their development.  
It was an intense year of classes, discoveries, competitions, fun and learning. To complete the cycle, the partnership members held a closing ceremony on the last day of classes so as to value the effort made by every single child that underwent transformations playing in the basketball court.
Present in the event was collaborator Mauro Vinícius de Sá, the project’s coach, that made a speech recalling the knowledge transferred to the children, also pointing out the importance of dedicating oneself to sports activities. The children also enjoyed and participated in a Rap presentation passing on messages about self-development, investing on studies and making a difference.
The students’ participation in the Rap concert was remarkable. Each of them described the importance of basketball in their lives, and terms like ‘teamwork’, ‘inspiration’, ‘peace’, and ‘fall and rise’ were narrated in chorus, further reinforcing the sense of achievement each of them had by taking part in the program.
Rafael Lafetá, MRV Institute director, had a fun talk with all boys and girls participants of the program confirming to them they would have what they expected: the project has been renovated for 2017, which means a new opportunity to go on developing every single participant. 
Exchanging medals: a recognizing gesture
When they were given their medals, the children once again demonstrated how much they learned with the sports activities. Instead of being called individually, each student chose a friend with whom they would exchange medals, a gesture of recognition, respect and sense of teamwork.
And, of course, it could only finish with... a basketball game!

Fonte: Instituto MRV