out 2016

When restoring and hosting are side by side for transformation

Boys and girls from the Pop Miguilim Center, a traditional social program that provides youths at risk with care, now have a new home. The famous ‘Castelinho’ building, located in Floresta, in Belo Horizonte, was totally renovated by MRV Institute and is now the new Miguilim program’s main premises. 

The inauguration took place on September 22nd, with the participation of Rubens Menin, the Chairman of MRV Board of Directors, of Márcio Lacerda, the mayor of Belo Horizonte, and also of the youths being cared for by Miguilim. In his speech Rubens states that “the goal of MRV and of MRV Institute is to be included in society”. According to Rubens, “childhood and adolescence are the moments when we need to start taking care of our community”, he remarks. 



The building, which dates from 1918, has been the backdrop of numerous stories and all of them have something in common: hosting. Castelinho has hosted families and friends, and was a hotel in the 1960s and 80s. 

Now the history to be built is a history of transformation. In addition to providing space to educational music, circus, visual arts, carpentry and woodworking workshops – made possible by the renovation of the new facilities – that are held to more than 80 youths, the space will also provide a better life for them. 


The Restoration

MRV Institute considered materials, structures and restoration techniques to preserve the original looks of the building, which was listed as a Belo Horizonte Cultural Heritage Site, conserving the façades and windows accordingly to their original design. In order to build the Pop Miguilim facilities, the renovation process also adopted modern and functional solutions for the workshops.  

During the six-month renovation, all details were checked and worked out to make Castelinho into a site for transformation. 

The Design

MRV Institute works on a daily basis to make a difference in society and believes that supporting the Miguilim Program, which is a Latin American benchmark in socio-educational projects for children and teenagers, is a means to achieve this goal.

The Pop Miguilim Center offers total support to reunite families and rebuild community bonds, by bringing back home at-risk children and teenagers. The main goal of the Program is to combat discrimination through socio-educational activities rendering community-oriented services and assisted freedom. 



Fonte: Instituto MRV